Is pokerstars safe

is pokerstars safe

FUK THIS FUKING RIGGED PIECE OF SHIT SITE I HOPE YOU ALL BURN A SLOW DEATH U PIECES OF. PokerStars Review. When it comes to playing cards online, no name looms larger than PokerStars. They've been operating for well over a decade, and during. Pokerstars has proven time and time again that they are the safest place to play poker online for money. For the most part only people completely new to online. is pokerstars safe

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A particular player that I wrote about in my small report suddenly made his statistics unavailable at Sharkscope when I wrote about him. I am in the UK. Someone else noted here, that you have AA So, was i just struck with an extremely run of bad luck or is this site not the best to play poker for fun? Send a private message to TeamTrousers. PokerStars launched their online operations in September of , and they started accepting real-money wagers three months later. Also your play might not be up to notch as much as you believe it to be even if you are getting "rivered" in spots you think you are ahead, I'm sure you have other leaks. The graphical displays are crisp and vibrant, and both Mac and PC formats are supported. As you mybet wettprogramm see, just about any nation should have multiple choices for both deposits and withdrawals. Stars is a scam. Am I actually going to get book of ra gratis spielen ohne anmelden money? The general complaint was that an inordinate amount of bad beats means that PokerStars is rigged in favor of certain players. What they DON'T SAY is how many bots or players have CRACKED that deal and KNOW what cards are COMING! However, it's beautiful how they manage to get you losing in a tourney where you play good and tight. We can recommend Americas Cardroom for US poker. Moderator Application Form BodySpace Profiles. Some players get that amount of bad beats per hour and still remain winning players. There is just far too many action flops Exactly, you want worse players in the field right? Originally Posted by IamPro. I thought I should try it again just for fun. Find More Posts by bballa I am contacting my credit card company to charge back to Poker Stars for fraud and am reporting them to the ombudsman. It was not fun. I did it as well, they will send you your hand history, so if you have time and are willing to put some effort, go on. If you are frustrated with the level of variance, maybe try a different style online spiele mit anmeldung game. As the biggest and most popular poker room online in Poker Stars has vast resources available to them. Nevertheless, there is incentive to be even more profitable in a highly competitive market, and PokerStars would not be the first online gambling service to increase profits by exploiting consumers. Banking Options The deposit and withdrawal options for PokerStars vary depending on your country of residence. There are only a few online gambling sites that equal or exceed the financial might of Pokerstars. When you questioned Pokerstars on any of this you get a very scripted answer thats nothing but BS. Seems like PS has been the most honest out of most of the sites. I was playing there last week in a cash game and I noticed when I won a hand I was not getting the full balance that I won credited top my winnings! And Why is it so Costly? We also recommend Ladbrokes Poker and bet Poker. They are clearly rigged, and I would stake my life on it. But the evidence is strong that the dealing is clean. Several US states already have state-backed, licensed and regulated online poker rooms. Alternative sub for poker videos! The time now is

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